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 hello my name is marv and im an alcoholic.

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PostSubject: hello my name is marv and im an alcoholic.    Fri Jun 03, 2011 3:37 am

*circle of people* "Hello Marv"

My name is Rhys but ever since i can remember everyones called me Marv. No idea why but they do 'o.O and now i kinda like it" Im 21 and live up in the Ogmore valleys not far from Bridgend (South Wales) I speak fluent welsh and i work as a youth worker in a welsh junior school with the coolest kids in Wales Very Happy Although i have handed in my notice because this august im off to Newport Uni to complete my degree in youth work (yes its a real course) (btw most fully qualified youth workers start at around £18 an hour Wink )

Urrm i like the boring sports. Ive completed the cossford march 3 times (50 miles) and Nijmegen (110 miles) once, along with a load of smaller ones and i'm currently training to complete the BELGIAN DEATH MARCH! *THUNDER CLASH!* (100km in 24 hours) Im also working towards a full roster of outdoor qualifications, so far i have one to take groups orienteering, camping and hill walking (EXTREME!) and rock climbing, working towards biking and kayaking.
I play guitar, and mess about with a mandolin and harmonica but im not very good >< i go to the gym and enjoy all types of music from pirate metal to lady gaga.

I only started gaming a year ago after a bad break up rofl I bought an xbox one day while feeling shitty about a week before black ops came out and thats the first real game i got into.

The end.
Very Happy

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hello my name is marv and im an alcoholic.
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