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 Skyrim Full Dwarven Armour Guide (Requested by Soph)

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PostSubject: Skyrim Full Dwarven Armour Guide (Requested by Soph)   Mon Nov 21, 2011 12:42 am

Well this is what i did and its legit, but go all the way through the dungeon and at the end you have to fight this massive Gold thing, but i cudnt travel with all my loot, i big peice gives 5Ingots when smelted, easyyy! Next im on the Orcish armour as im an Orc and the stats are better. BTW about that big gold guy, he does hit like a bitch with frost, but if you get under his legs and just swing away his frost cant hit you, but he does melee for half the damage.

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Skyrim Full Dwarven Armour Guide (Requested by Soph)
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