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 About Sophie 2

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PostSubject: About Sophie 2   About Sophie 2 EmptySat Jun 04, 2011 10:43 am

As I have some how been labelled the 'Quiet' and 'Innocent' one of the clan I feel it is only right that I maintain this Image and keep this introduction friendly.

I come from Manchester in a place called Bury where the famous Bury black puddings are from and before you ask no I dont eat them all the time because they are vile. Im in my last year of college and hopeing to attend university this year. I was surpose to go last year but I 'accidently' fell asleep in a few exams and therefore had to re-take the year again XD. Im into all graphic design shit and concept art and depending on what grades I get this year im hoping to study either one at uni.

Obviously Im into gaming and that in my spare time and I have a part time job waitressing which is alright. I also do hair and nails for people which I enjoy. oh yeah and my family have a racing and breeding greyhound business so I sometime do a bit of work for them when theres races and stuff, next time our dog is racing on tv ill tell yous all and you might see me XD. I like to travel and I go to cyprus nearly every year as I have some cypriot family and a few friends that live there.

Dont know what else to put because im young and I havent lived life yet lol

Oh yeah and I like cats.
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About Sophie 2
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