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 XBCL - HCSDL Season 7 - Invitation

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XBCL - HCSDL Season 7 - Invitation Empty
PostSubject: XBCL - HCSDL Season 7 - Invitation   XBCL - HCSDL Season 7 - Invitation EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 8:19 am

Hi there DOG I'm here to invite you to a HC-SND league that we have been part of for around 6 seasons

The HCSDL (Hardcore Search& Destroy League) is now moving into its 7th season this league has kept to it's roots with round switch every round and the matches are the best of 5 maps every new season through feedback from the community thier can be changes made to help keep the league competitive and it is currently the only league of its kind in the UK with many clans that have been competing there throughout the seasons with clans such as: EGG,NgNg,XGL,GAS,HTMU,HEROES,IGC,ICU,UKF and ZFG that have been competing thier most of the seasons with many clans entering every season thiers always a good level of competition and great clans to compete against.

The league are looking to get more clans involved every new season thier have been many divisions in each season of the HCSDL and more clans getting involved by the season so why not try out this league and see for yourself. The Xbox Clan Leagues have been running the HCSDL now for over 6 seasons and they also provide leagues for HC-TDM known as the HCTDL and also thier is a 3v3 Barebones SND and a World Domination League to get more league action find out more on the links provided.

HCSDL Registration:
looking forward to competing with more clans in the leagues!
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XBCL - HCSDL Season 7 - Invitation
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