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 Mexlcano's intro.

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Mexlcano's intro. Empty
PostSubject: Mexlcano's intro.   Mexlcano's intro. EmptyWed Jul 13, 2011 1:04 pm

My name says my race. hmm just finished highschool going to Kansas University soon Smile. Btw my friend will be playing on my account alot of the time when he comes over to visit just so you guys know and he plays black ops on a ps3. hes quite the beast im pretty sure he has a 2.53 kd on his ps3. hes white so you'll guys will probably know the difference just in case you guys invite me to a game and hes playing. i like saying "hmm" alot and i play halo 3 and black ops mostly my top 2 games i played reach but i dont really like it anymore. yeahh thats my intro.
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Mexlcano's intro.
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